Your Complete Guide to Practicing Proper Cemetery Etiquette

Posted on September 21, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Are you planning to make your way from a funeral home in Elsa, TX to a nearby cemetery soon so that you can be in attendance at a loved one’s burial services? If so, it’s going to be very important for you to be on your best behavior throughout the course of your time in the cemetery. You should be as respectful as you can be from the moment you first enter the cemetery to the time that you leave. Read through our guide to practicing proper cemetery etiquette below to make this possible.

Slow down when driving into a cemetery and avoid beeping your horn, playing loud music, etc.

When you drive from a funeral home to a cemetery, you’ll usually do so as part of a funeral procession. It’ll be essential for you to stick with the procession and to drive slowly while doing it. You should continue to drive slowly once you enter the cemetery, and you should also steer clear of doing anything that will lead to you making a lot of noise. Don’t beep your horn, turn up your music, yell to others in your procession, or do anything else that could be perceived as disrespectful.

Park in the right areas and avoid coming anywhere close to driving your car on the grass.

Once you and the rest of the people in your funeral procession find your loved one’s burial plot, you should park in the general area of it in a designated parking spot. But you should not under any circumstances park on the grass in the cemetery. Cemetery workers spend a ton of time maintaining the grounds inside of a cemetery, so you don’t want to do anything that will ruin their hard work.

Make your way to your loved one’s burial plot without stepping over anyone else’s gravesite.

After you park your car in a cemetery, you’ll want to get out of it and start walking over towards your loved one’s burial plot. But while you’re headed over there, you want to be careful not to walk on top of anyone else’s gravesite. This is sometimes easier said than done in crowded cemeteries. But you should make every effort to show the proper amount of respect to the deceased people who have been laid to rest in the cemetery.

Remain quiet while in a cemetery and keep your kids close to you to prevent them from causing a ruckus.

Before, during, and after your loved one’s burial services, you should keep quiet and pay attention to whoever is leading the Elsa, TX funeral services. If you have kids, you should also work to keep them close to you so that they don’t cause any trouble. If you haven’t noticed by now, the key is going to be showing respect for the dead and for those in mourning at a cemetery. You and your kids can do that by keeping quiet and not causing any disturbances.

funeral home in Elsa, TX

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