Will Your Loved One Be Cremated on Their Own or With Others?

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Although cremation has become more popular than ever in recent years with more than 50 percent of people now choosing it, there are still people who are steadfastly against it. One reason some people aren’t on board with cremations in Progreso, TX is because they’re under the impression that their loved one will be cremated along with other people. They also believe there’s a good chance their loved one’s remains will get mixed together with someone else’s.  

It’s time to clear up this misconception once and for all and give you the truth behind the myth. Here’s why you don’t have to worry about your loved one being cremated with anyone else or having their remains mixed with another person’s ashes.  

It’s illegal for two people to be cremated at the same time. 

First things first: If you’re going to take advantage of cremation services in Progreso, TX and have your loved one cremated, they will not be cremated at the same time as another person. While funeral homes will use their crematories multiple times every week to conduct cremations, they won’t ever, ever, ever place two bodies into the crematory at once. This is actually against the law and would result in the funeral home getting into big trouble. Your loved one will be cremated by themselves and won’t come into contact with anyone else during the cremation process.  

Reputable funeral homes are diligent about keeping peoples’ remains separate. 

Now, we know what you are probably thinking next: “Yes, my loved one will be cremated alone, but couldn’t their remains still end up getting mixed with the remains of whoever was cremated before them?” To which we say: No. A reputable funeral home will not let this happen under any circumstances. After a person is cremated, all of their remains will be collected and placed inside of an urn. A funeral home will make sure the remains are completely gone before the next person is cremated.  

The technology used to carry out cremations is more advanced than ever before. 

Cremation has really come a long way over the course of the last 50 years or so. While the cremation process used to be a lot more rudimentary, today’s process incorporates all kinds of technology that will ensure your loved one’s cremation goes off without a hitch. Funeral homes also have all kinds of safeguards in place that prevent them from getting those who are being cremated mixed up. You’ll love the attention and care your loved one receives from an experienced funeral home, and you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with the service that you get during a cremation.  

Progreso, TX cremations

There are, unfortunately, more than a few myths about cremation services in Progreso, TX that prevent some people from choosing cremation. If you’re nervous about cremation for whatever reason, McCaleb Funeral Home would love to speak with you about it and calm your nerves. Reach out to us at (956) 968-7533 or come and hear more about cremation at 900 W 4th St, Weslaco, TX 78596. 

You can count on the professional care team at McCaleb Funeral Home to serve your family with utmost dignity and respect. We serve all faiths, offering the most complete funeral, burial, and cremation services, with new facilities, at a very affordable price. We provide personalized funerals and cremations for families in Mercedes, Donna, Edcouch, Progreso, Elsa, and Alamo, TX.

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