Why a Private Funeral Service Might Be Right for Your Loved One

Posted on May 27, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Do you and your family want some privacy while you mourn the loss of a loved one? If so, that might be reason enough to schedule a private service for them at a funeral home in McAllen, TX as opposed to a service that’s open to the public. There are some families that prefer to grieve their loved one’s loss in private as opposed to doing it out in the open surrounded by people that they may or may not know. There are also some other reasons why your family may want to plan a private funeral service for your loved one. Check out the reasons below.

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Your loved one specifically requested a private funeral service.

Did your loved one specifically ask you and your family to stage a private McAllen, TX funeral service or cremation service for them? You should honor their final wishes by giving them the private service they would have wanted. Regardless of their reason for not wanting a big, fancy funeral service, it’s best to stick to their suggestion instead of going against their wishes and giving them a funeral service they wouldn’t have wanted.

Your family can’t afford to host a large funeral service.

In order to hold a funeral service that’s open to the public for your loved one, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough space for everyone that could potentially show up to it. That’s not always possible for families that are trying to stick to a tight budget. If you and your family want to limit your spending, you can hold an intimate service for your loved one in a space that’s just big enough to fit the small group that will be in attendance.

Your religious or cultural beliefs call for a small funeral service.

Are there certain religious or cultural beliefs that you have that won’t allow for you to invite a large number of people to your loved one’s funeral service? This is yet another reason to limit those who will attend it by letting people know that it’s going to be a private service. You’ll be able to adhere to your religious or cultural customs during the service without having to worry about others disturbing you.

Your loved one was a public figure and it might result in a big crowd showing up for their funeral service.

If your loved one was a politician, a professional athlete, the CEO of a company, or someone else who lived their life in the public eye, holding a private funeral service might be in your best interest. There are a lot of people who might randomly show up at public service and crowd your family in the process. There is a chance that so many people could show up that your actual family members might not be able to get in to celebrate your loved one’s life. By holding a private funeral service, you’ll prevent these things from happening.

Struggling to decide whether to have a public or private funeral service for your loved one? McCaleb Funeral Home can help you make these kinds of decisions when you make McAllen, TX funeral arrangements for a loved one through us. Give us a call to begin the process of making funeral plans for your family member.

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