What to Bring to a Funeral Home to Plan a Loved One’s Services

Posted on December 21, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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funeral home in Alamo, TX

When you and your family head down to a local funeral home in Alamo, TX to plan a loved one’s services, you’re going to need to bring more than just yourselves. There are all kinds of things that you’re going to want to have on hand to make the funeral planning process go as smoothly as it can. If you don’t bring these things, it could slow things down and force you to make more trips to a funeral home than you should have to. Check out some of the things you should bring to a funeral home in the first place below.

Your loved one’s personal information

There is lots of personal information that a funeral home is going to need to start the process of planning out your loved one’s Alamo, TX funeral services. From their birth certificate and their Social Security number to their military paperwork and their life insurance policies, you should bring as much personal info as you can to a funeral home. It’s always better to have too much personal info as opposed to not enough. You never know what a funeral home might ask you for while making funeral arrangements for your loved one.

A photo of your loved one

A funeral home is going to need at least one great photo of your loved one. They’re going to use it for your loved one’s obituary and potentially blow it up and hang a large photo of your loved one in their funeral home during their services. You should look around for a photo that you want to use for these purposes. You might also want to bring other photos of your loved one along if you plan on asking a funeral home to help you create a collage of photos for your loved one’s services.

Clothing for your loved one to wear during their funeral services

Regardless of whether your loved one is going to be buried or cremated, you’re going to need to provide a funeral home with clothing for them to wear during their services. In most cases, families choose to put their loved ones in fancy suits or dresses. But you’re allowed to pick almost anything that you want for your loved one to wear. You should look around in their closet for something special for them to wear on the day of their funeral services.

A budget for your loved one’s services

Before you and your family make a single decision with regards to your loved one’s funeral services, you should put a budget for them into place. By doing this, you’ll steer clear of overspending on their services. You should share your budget with the funeral home that you’re working with so that you’re all on the same page as far as how much your family can afford to spend on your loved one’s services.

funeral home in Alamo, TX

Do you have any questions about what you should bring to a funeral home when making Alamo, TX funeral arrangements for a loved one? McCaleb Funeral Home would be happy to shed some light on what you should bring along with you. Reach out to us today to find out what we’ll need to have in order to plan your loved one’s funeral services.

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