What Is the Purpose of Creating an Obituary for a Loved One?

Posted on May 22, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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The earliest obituaries ever written were put together way back in 60 B.C. by those in Ancient Rome. They were published in newspapers made out of papyrus. They didn’t look anything like the obituaries that are published in newspapers these days—only a select group of people had obits written up for them—but they started to change the way that families notified their communities about the deaths of their loved ones. And today, families are still using obituaries for this same purpose while working with a funeral home in LaFeria, TX. Here are some of the reasons why obituaries continue to be important in this day and age.

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They allow families to tell others about the death of a loved one.

Obituaries are, first and foremost, used to allow families to let everyone in their community know about the death of their loved one. Rather than having to call around and tell people one by one about their loved one’s death, they can let them find out about it when they read the newspaper. Or they can take the digital copy of their loved one’s obituary and share it on social media. It’s a very efficient way to inform others about a loved one’s passing.

They give families a chance to share more about their loved one.

Outside of the fact that obituaries are a great way to share the news of a person’s death, they’re also a great way to pay tribute to them. Families will often use obituaries in order to tell others more about their loved one and the life that they led. They’ll include a bunch of biographical information in their obituary, including info on their education, their work life, their hobbies, and more. Families will spend a lot of time trying to decide what they want to say in their loved one’s obituary.

They provide families with an opportunity to let people know about their loved one’s funeral services.

Following the loss of a loved one, most families don’t have time to field phone calls and emails from those wondering when their loved one’s LaFeria, TX funeral services will be. An obituary serves as the perfect place for people to find out everything they need to know about a person’s services. Towards the end of an obituary, families will usually include the date and time when their loved one’s services will take place and the funeral home where the services will be staged.

They let families ask for charitable donations in their loved one’s name.

At the end of an obituary, families will have a chance to ask for donations to be made to a charity of their choice. Most families take advantage of this by recommending that people send donations to a charity in their loved one’s name. If a person died after battling a specific disease, the charity might be tied to that. Or the charity might simply be a charity that the deceased supported throughout the course of their life. Whatever the case, it lets families honor their loved one’s legacy while making a small difference in the world.

Obituaries are very important, but they can also be very challenging to write. If your family is having a tough time creating an obituary for a loved one, a funeral director from McCaleb Funeral Home can assist you. We can also help you out with all the LaFeria, TX funeral arrangements that will need to be made for your loved one. Call us to get started.

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