What Healthy Grief Looks Like?

Posted on March 14, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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It is true that everyone grieves in their own way. Again, while there is no right or wrong way, there are ways in which grief can be handled healthily and unhealthily. It’s a fine line to avoid crossing, which is why it’s important to distinguish what healthy grieving looks like through people’s actions. Whether you are the one experiencing grief or if it’s a friend of yours, we want to help you recognize what is and isn’t normal so that the grief journey doesn’t seem so daunting. If you need a cremation service in Alamo, TX we hope that you will reach out and inquire about our grief support services!


The only way that you or a loved one will be able to overcome their grief is through effort and hard work. Think about it, nobody has ever conquered their grief by laying down and wallowing in it. While it may be natural to feel this way initially, it’s absolutely vital that we pick ourselves up as soon as possible and face life and our grief head-on. This can look a number of different ways, so don’t think you have to follow any particular path. Whether you choose to give your effort over to exercising, a hobby, a sport, or any other passion is up to you, so long as you wake up every day and give the day your best effort, we are certain that you will be able to get a handle on your grief in no time!

No Timeline

One of the biggest things to understand when you or a loved one is grieving is that there is no timeline that grief should be experienced in. What we mean by this is that some people may grieve for 6 months while some may grieve for a year or longer. Recognizing that everyone grieves at their own pace can help you feel less pressure when experiencing these difficult emotions. So, if you think your grief journey is taking longer than normal, relax, we promise you are right on track!

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Your emotions can be looked at as the key to overcoming grief. When we first experience a tough loss in our lives, we tend to become flooded with many complex emotions. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to openly express these emotions, either alone or amongst close friends and family. Allowing yourself the space to mourn and release your feelings can be healing over time. Being vulnerable and showing emotions are all normal signs of healthy grieving while bottling up one’s emotions can be a sign of unhealthy grief.


While prolonged periods of solitude are not recommended, being alone is a huge part of a healthy grieving process. While companionship and social interactions do much to make us feel better, it is important that we also allow ourselves time to be alone in order to check in with ourselves, get centered, and take a breath. When in need of a cremation service in Alamo, TX we are only a phone call away!