Visitation Tips and Proper Funeral Etiquette

Posted on December 6, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Planning or attending a funeral service can be an overwhelming time in many people’s lives. After all, it is not a common practice, so we believe it is important to not only understand the etiquette and proper procedures while attending, but to also understand the differentiation between a funeral service, a wake, and a memorial service. When visiting a funeral home in Elsa, TX, we want to make sure that you are both at ease and prepared so that you and your loved ones may be able to mourn properly amongst one another. Read on for more of our suggestions and tips!

Memorial Service Etiquette

Since a memorial service can seem very similar to a funeral, we want to ensure our etiquette remains similar when attending both of these occasions. A memorial service is typically held after a funeral and without the body present, although an urn may be present if the deceased was cremated. This is a time where mourners listen to prayers and songs. It is recommended that attendees dress the same as they would for a proper funeral to a memorial service. Memorial services are oftentimes held at either a funeral home, church or outdoors. This service should be approached with solemnity, so guests should plan to be punctual and attend with their phones either off or on silent.

Viewing Etiquette

A viewing is a time for family and friends to pay respects to the deceased. Whether the body is in an open or closed casket is ultimately up to the family; it is important to remember that if attending a viewing you should be prepared to be in the same room as the deceased. For many people this can be very uncomfortable, so it is important to remember that there is absolutely no obligation to approach the body if you don’t wish to. A viewing is simply a time to say a last goodbye to the deceased. If you choose to approach the body, ensure that you are not disturbing somebody else’s time with them; once it is your turn either say a prayer, kneel or have a moment of silence.funeral home in Elsa, TX

Wake Etiquette

A wake is similar to a viewing although they are oftentimes held in the home of the deceased. While similar to a traditional viewing, a wake is different in that there is much more communication encouraged. A wake is a time where friends and family attending should be expected to share a few stories about the deceased. Like a viewing, the body is present. Be sure that you offer words of condolences to the family and are punctual. Oftentimes refreshments are provided as this is a time of coming together and remembering your loved one and the life that they lived.

We hope that our tips and suggestions prove helpful in better preparing you for attending a funeral home in Elsa, TX. At McCaleb Funeral Home & Sacred Park Cemetery we are devoted to making this difficult time in your life as painless and stress-free as possible. Contact us for any inquiries you may have!