Uvalde Tragedy

Posted on May 26, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Grief
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       May 24th, 2022, was a day that the Uvalde Community changed forever. The heinous acts of one troubled person have devastated not only Uvalde but the surrounding areas of Texas and the country. We are all grieving differently, but the impact is widespread, and each of us empathizes with one or more participants.
       Some will empathize with the shooter, someone’s son, nephew, or a mentally disturbed young man who had not been in trouble (as far as we know). If a young adult could do this, he could be your nephew, son, or friend with no warning.
       Some will empathize with his family, grandmother, and mom and their humiliation and sorrow. There is no person on this earth, except someone genuinely evil, who could not feel completely remorseful. Imagine if it were your son or relative. The guilt associated with this relationship would be unimaginable. Some will empathize with the security guard, an unrecoverable nightmare.
       Many will empathize with law enforcement. They serve all of us, protect and serve, and now 18 babies are gone, two public servants (teachers), and the guilt is unbearable. Yet, no one should blame law enforcement; they could not have predicted such a situation. This group of our society and the Uvalde community CARE; they LOVE, PROTECT, and SERVE. They are in severe pain. Please God, please give them peace that passes all understanding so the law enforcement in Uvalde, Texas, and the rest of the country can continue to hold their heads high, serving graciously.
       Many will empathize with their co-workers and educators, whose jobs are not considered “high-risk” or “life-threatening.” Instead, teachers, educators, and those who serve in this field do so out of love and compassion. God, grant them strength to continue to help our children, our future.
       Life will never be the same. “The what ifs” will never end. But finally, to the families and friends of those lost children and teachers, the worst nightmare of all. As parents, we send our elementary kids to school in the safest environment we imagine. But, junior high and high school are where the “crazy” kids are. Husbands and parents expect their sons and daughters to be in a safe environment in elementary school. I don’t know the stories behind each child, but their siblings and classmates will never be the same. Thinking about their post-traumatic stress is unbearable, yet it is not even mine. As a community of faith, as Christians, as believers in God and Jesus Christ, now is the time to unite as one nation under God in prayer. My friends, prayer is powerful, and we often don’t seek God until we are in a crisis. This crime is a crisis. Please pray for comfort, peace, grace, and love for this small community and for everyone who is feeling their pain. May we remain strong and lean on God.

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