Types of Cremation Services

Posted on April 25, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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After or right before a loved one is cremated, families then have the decision to choose a service that is right for them. Between a memorial, funeral, scattering, or celebration service there are many options. In addition, families can also choose whether or not they’d like their loved one cremated directly, which is one of the most affordable options out there. Below, we go through all of the options available to families who find themselves in this situation. If you are looking for an affordable cremation service in McAllen, TX, then look no further because we are always open and ready to work with all who walk through our doors!

Funeral Service

Many people make the mistake of assuming that funeral service is only afforded to those who are buried. This is absolutely not true! If a family chooses cremation for their loved one but would also like to have a traditional funeral service, this can be done, although their timeline is very strict. Since a funeral typically involves the presence of the body, the funeral for someone who will be cremated must happen quite soon after their death. This can be stressful as families have little time to scramble around and plan a meaningful service. While it can be a difficult thing to do, it can and has been done countless amounts of time. An additional downside to this option is that far-away family members may not have the ability to make it to the service under such short notice, so we recommend taking all of these things into consideration prior to making any final decisions.

Memorial Service

cremation service in McAllen, TXFor those who enjoy the formality of a service or ceremony but dislike the idea of a time constraint, memorial services are the happy medium! When planning a memorial service, the event can happen either before or after the cremation of the deceased. Additionally, if a family chooses to wait until after their loved one is cremated, they are under no set timeline for when the service actually has to occur. This means that the family can realistically hold the service weeks, months, or even years after the deceased has been cremated. Not only will this help reduce stress when planning, but it also allows families the time to ensure that they plan a meaningful service that properly honors the life of the deceased. Similar to traditional funeral services, memorial services can and have offered mourners and guests the same cathartic experience. In both services, there is the opportunity to say final words, express your emotions, voice your thoughts, and share memories.

Direct Cremation

For families who are on a tight budget, a direct cremation may be appealing. Direct cremations are popular mainly due to their wide affordability. It is important to keep in mind, however, that with this option, the deceased is cremated almost immediately after their death so there is really little time to figure out if you actually would like a funeral service or not.

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