Things You Can Cremate With a Person During a Cremation Service

Posted on June 14, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation
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When you and your family hold a cremation service in McAllen, TX for a loved one, their body will be placed into a cremation container. It’ll then be moved into a cremation chamber where the actual cremation will take place. Before it makes its way into the cremation chamber, though, you and your family will have the option to add other things to the container. There are a handful of items that you can have cremated along with your loved one if you would like. Discover some of the things that you can put into your loved one’s cremation container below.


If you and your family would like to say anything to your loved one right before their McAllen, TX cremation, you can do it in letter form. You can then put your family’s letters into your loved one’s cremation container and have them cremated along with your loved one. You might be surprised to see how therapeutic it can be to write a letter to someone at the time of your death. You’ll feel better when you get some things off your chest.


Was your loved one a big reader? If so, they probably have at least a few favorite books that they enjoyed reading throughout the course of their life. You can stick several of them into their cremation container in most cases if you choose to do it. You might also want to find a way to work passages from these books into other areas of your loved one’s funeral services. It’ll help illustrate their love for books in a unique way.


Obviously, you and your family aren’t going to want to part ways with any original photos of your loved one. But if you want to make some copies of family photos and put them into their cremation container, it’s an excellent way to make sure your loved one is surrounded by love during their final moments in the physical form. You can really stress the importance of family by taking this approach to cremating your loved one.

cremation service in McAllen, TX


Most families choose to cremate their loved ones in special outfits. They’ll put them into clothes that hold some special significance to them. You can also take this to the next level and have your loved one cremated along with some accessories that they might have liked. For instance, if your loved one always wore a certain hat or if they were a huge fan of fashionable shoes, there might be room in their cremation container for these things. You should speak with your funeral home about possibly including them in the cremation proceedings.

Do you want to find out about some of the other things you can cremate with your loved one? Or do you have other questions about the cremation process? McCaleb Funeral Home can lend a helping hand to you when you visit our McAllen, TX funeral home. Contact us now to set up an appointment with an experienced funeral director.