The Importance of Holding a Funeral Before or After a Cremation

Posted on September 13, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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Is your family mulling over the idea of holding a cremation service in McAllen, TX for a loved one without staging a funeral service of any kind? You’re welcome to take this approach to things if you would like. There is no law saying that you have to hold a funeral for someone who is being cremated. But you should really think twice before you pass up on the opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one for the final time. Here are several reasons why holding a funeral either before or after a cremation is a great idea.

It’ll make your loved one’s death feel real to you.

When you first lose a loved one, your own brain might not be able to comprehend it. As a result, you might not be able to come to terms with your loved one’s loss. It can leave you in a state of denial. But you won’t have to worry about finding yourself in this scenario when you hold a funeral for a loved one before or after their McAllen, TX cremation. This funeral is going to ensure that your loved one’s death feels as real as can be to you.

It’ll let you say your goodbyes to your loved one.

Whether you got the chance to say goodbye to your loved one while they were still living or not, you still shouldn’t be shy about saying goodbye to a loved one one more time. You’ll have the opportunity to do just that during a loved one’s funeral before or after their cremation. It’s a great way to get some things off your chest and to feel a sense of calm and peace come over you. You’ll appreciate getting to share a few final words with your loved one.

It’ll give your family the support that they need.

cremation service in McAllen, TXUnless you choose to hold a private funeral for a loved one before or after their cremation, there are going to be other people who will show up to it. And these people will be there to do more than just pay their respects to the deceased. They’ll also be there to lend some much-needed support to you and your family. Your family is going to need all the support that they can get, and holding a funeral for a loved one is going to give it to them.

It’ll help your family kickstart the grieving process.

If the only thing your family decides to do is cremate your loved one and leave it at that, it’s going to be a struggle for all of you to get any sense of closure. That could potentially hinder your ability to grieve your loved one’s loss and make the grieving process drag out over a longer period of time. You would be so much better off kickstarting the grieving process by holding a funeral for a loved one. It’ll get the process off to a much better start than it would have otherwise.

Are you convinced that holding a funeral for a loved one before or after their cremation is the right move for you to make? McCaleb Funeral Home can assist you in putting together the plans for it. You can hold a funeral right at our McAllen, TX funeral home. Contact us for more information on our funeral services.