Should You Send Sympathy Gifts to Families at Funeral Homes?

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Do you want to let a grieving family know how sorry you are to hear about the loss of their loved one? Do you want to try and take away just a little bit of the pain they’re feeling for a few minutes? Do you want to show them that you’re there for them if they need you for support? You can do all of these things by sending sympathy gifts to grieving families at Donna, TX funeral homes.  

But before you send a sympathy gift to a family, there are a few things you should keep in mind. They’ll prevent you from sending the wrong gift or giving a gift to a family that has specifically asked people not to send anything to them. Check them out below.  

Use an obituary as your guide for whether or not you should send a sympathy gift to a grieving family. 

When a person dies, their family will usually put an obituary in the local newspaper about it. Towards the end of the obituary, the family will often say whether or not they’re accepting flowers and other sympathy gifts from people. These days, lots of families will ask for charitable donations in lieu of a gift in many cases. If a family takes the time to point out that they don’t want gifts, you might be better off making a donation to the cause of their choice or simply sending them a sympathy card.  

Consider sending flowers to a grieving family. 

If a grieving family doesn’t say anything about not wanting sympathy gifts in a person’s obituary, feel free to send them one. One of the best sympathy gifts to send a family is flowers. You can choose from flower baskets, table arrangements, standing sprays, wreaths, and so much more. There are also plants that would make great sympathy gifts. Flowers will show a grieving family how much you care about them. They’ll also serve as decorations during funeral services in Donna, TX.  

Think about sending a different kind of sympathy gift if you want it to stand out. 

While flowers have become the go-to choice for most people wishing to express their sympathy to a grieving family, you should know that there are other options out there. For example, you can find a beautiful guestbook that you can give to a family to record the names of those who attend their loved one’s funeral. You can also find wind chimes, plaques, memorial stones, and photo frames that would make excellent sympathy gifts. Try to find something unique that will be personal to the family you’re giving the gift to.  

McCaleb Funeral Home is always willing to accept sympathy gifts on behalf of grieving families. We also do our best to provide those families with the best funeral services possible. Whether your loved one is being buried or using cremation in Donna, TX, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Give us a call at (956) 968-7533 today or stop by 900 W 4th St., Weslaco, TX 78596 for more information.

You can count on the professional care team at McCaleb Funeral Home to serve your family with utmost dignity and respect. We serve all faiths, offering the most complete funeral, burial, and cremation services, with new facilities, at a very affordable price. We provide personalized funerals and cremations for families in Mercedes, Donna, Edcouch, Progreso, Elsa, and Alamo, TX.

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