Should You Scatter a Loved One’s Remains After a Cremation Service?

Posted on August 10, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation
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cremation service in Harlingen, TX

You’re probably well aware of the fact that you and your family can do any number of things with your loved one’s remains following their cremation service in Harlingen, TX. You can bring them back home with you and put them out on display. You can also take them to a cemetery and have them buried and put into a columbarium. And you can even scatter them in a special place that was important to your loved one. Here are some of the reasons why scattering a loved one’s remains might be your best option.

Puts your loved one’s remains in a place that they loved

Whether you choose to scatter your loved one’s remains out at sea, up on a mountain, or in another location, you’ll be leaving their remains in a place that they loved. Every time you think about that place, you’ll automatically think about your loved one and all that they encompassed. It’ll be nice knowing that they’re in a place that meant so much to them throughout the course of their life. It’ll give you and your family some small sense of peace and comfort.

Prevents you from having to stand guard over your loved one’s remains

If you choose to bring your loved one’s remains home following their Harlingen, TX cremation, you’re going to have to worry about keeping them safe. If your home ever catches on fire or if someone ever breaks into your home, it could put your loved one’s remains into harm’s way. This won’t be something that you have to be concerned about when you scatter their remains. You won’t have to stand guard over them once they’ve officially been scattered in your loved one’s special place.

Gives your family one last chance to pay tribute to your loved one

Most families do way more than just bring their loved one’s remains to a special place and scatter them. They also hold some kind of special scattering ceremony for their loved ones prior to the actual scattering taking place. If your family does this, it’ll give you all one final opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one before saying goodbye to them. This will help you all make your way through the grieving process and start to heal.

Provides your family with a place to gather in the future to remember your loved one

There are going to be times in the future when you and your loved ones will want to get together to remember your fallen family member. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go to talk about them? It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you all to make your way to the place in which their remains are scattered, if possible. It’ll serve as the perfect backdrop for your family as you remember your loved one’s life.

cremation service in Harlingen, TX

At McCaleb Funeral Home, we can help you do whatever it is that you want to do with your loved one’s remains when you use our Harlingen, TX funeral home to carry out their cremation. Just let us know what your wishes are and we’ll see to it that they come true in the end. Contact us now for more information on our cremation services.

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