Do All Religions Allow Cremation Services?

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One of the reasons the cremation rate in this country is on the rise is because of the shift in thinking that has taken place among many religions. There are some religions operating in both the U.S. and abroad that still do not permit followers to choose cremation. But for the most part, many religions have come around to allowing it.

If you’re a religious person thinking about having a cremation service in Edcouch, TX when you pass away, it’s important to find out if your religion allows it first. Here are some of the world’s major religions along with their current thoughts on cremation.


As recently as just half a century ago, the Catholic church was not in favor of allowing Catholics to be cremated at the time of their death. The church still isn’t 100 percent in favor of it, but it does allow many people to have a cremation service if they choose to do so. Catholic churches do typically ask for the body of a deceased person to be in attendance at a funeral service. But after that, they allow cremation, though they ask for the remains of a person to be buried after cremation has taken place.


Buddhists do allow for people to have a cremation service after their death. However, during the cremation, they ask for the family of the deceased to invite monks to the crematorium to chant. If that’s not possible, then family members are asked to attend the cremation and chant in their place. Once the cremation is over, the remains of the deceased are to be either kept by the family or scattered in a predetermined location.


There are some Reform Jewish people who have taken to holding cremation services at an increased frequency. But in general, Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews have always been steadfastly against the idea of cremation. That’s unlikely to change at any point in the near future. Jewish people who choose to be cremated anyway will usually have to find a Reform rabbi to attend their funeral service if they want a rabbi in attendance.


Hindus have been in favor of cremation for many years now. Traditionally, they have actually preferred cremation over burials. There are some exceptions to this rule. Hindu people do not believe in cremating babies, children, or those who are considered to be saints.


Much like the Jews, Muslims do not endorse cremation in any fashion. They will not allow it in any circumstance and as of right now, there is really no getting around it. If you are a Muslim and you want to have a cremation service, you will not be permitted to do it according to your faith.

These are obviously only a few of the many religions that people practice throughout the world. But they should show you that opinions still vary greatly when it comes to cremation. Before you have a cremation service, check to see where your religion stands.

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