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Reasons to Scatter Ashes

There are a lot of different routes that people can take after their loved one has been cremated. Some people choose to keep the remains in an urn, while others look into having cremation jewelry made. Another option is to scatter your loved one’s remains in a meaningful location. If you’re interested, read on for why ash scattering ceremonies are so beneficial in the long run. Our funeral home in Elsa, TX is always open and ready to work with new customers. Give us a call or stop by for a visit so that we can discuss all of the services that we offer. We look forward to speaking with you!

Final Wishes

If your loved one was recently cremated, then you may be wondering how whether or not you should scatter their ashes. For those who have an ash scattering ceremony as their final wish, then it’s important to follow that wish as a way to honor them. If your loved one requested that their ashes be scattered after their death, it is then up to you to follow through. If they didn’t select a specific location, we recommend thinking about places that they loved while they were alive. If, for example, they loved taking trips to the beach, then scattering their ashes in the ocean or into the breeze could be really special. If you find that you are stumped about a location for your loved one’s ash scattering ceremony, then we recommend collaborating with family and friends about locations that they think would be best. Additionally, keep in mind that if you do choose to scatter your loved one’s remains in a public space, you’ll need to get the proper permits and follow all of the local rules and regulations put in place.

funeral home in Elsa, TX


Similar to the point above, choosing to scatter your loved one’s remains in a location that was once meaningful to them adds a great amount of significance to the act itself. For example, if your loved one enjoyed gardening in their backyard, then incorporating their ashes in that location could be a great way to pay final respects to them. If you do wish to have a significant location but are struggling with ideas, reach out to family and friends for their input! Planning an ash scattering ceremony is not something that has to be done alone, so the more people you have helping you plan, the better!

Place to Gather

Ash scattering ceremonies are also beneficial as once the ceremony has long ended, you can use that specific location as place to gather during future death anniversaries. So, if you pick a public place to scatter their ashes such as a local park, then gathering there once a year with family and friends can become a meaningful and touching tradition to carry on. Additionally, unlike visiting a cemetery, the location in which you chose to scatter your loved one’s ashes can be made more accessible if the location is taken into account ahead of time.

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