A Quick Rundown of the Costs Associated With a Cremation Service

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The average cost of a direct cremation—which is a cremation that doesn’t include a funeral service of any kind—is a little more than $1,000, according to the Cremation Research Council. However, you should know that, if you choose to have a cremation service in Harlingen, TX, there will likely be other costs that will come into play, depending on the type of cremation you choose.

Some people request for a memorial service to take place prior to cremation, while others want to hold a burial and place an urn with a person’s remains into the ground. While these aspects of a cremation service can make it special, you should keep the costs associated with them in mind. Here are several aspects of a cremation that you will want factor into the equation.

Rental casket for viewing

Are you planning on holding a viewing as part of the cremation service? You have the option of preparing a person’s body, holding the viewing, and then having cremation done. In order to do this, there will likely be fees for the preparation process as well as the viewing itself. That being said, this part of the service helps a lot of families to grieve, so don’t overlook the importance of it.

Transportation fees

Although transportation fees don’t always affect the price of a cremation service, there are some funeral homes that will charge you to transport a person’s body to and from the funeral home. There also may be fees if you hold a procession prior to burying a person’s cremated remains if you go that route. It’s a good idea to ask if transportation is covered as part of your cremation services.


There are standard containers that can be used to hold a person’s remains following a cremation service. But if you choose to purchase a fancy urn, that will likely increase the total cost of your cremation. Many people choose to go with one anyway since it will be used to hold their loved one’s ashes for many years.

Death certificate

If you’re going to need copies of a person’s death certificate after a cremation service, you may need to pay some fees for it. These fees shouldn’t set you back too much, so you don’t really have to worry about them. But it’s a good idea to keep them in mind so you don’t run into any surprises at the end of the process.

Even with all of these fees tacked on, you will still find that a cremation service in Harlingen, TX will cost substantially less than traditional burial services. If you would like to learn more about cremation and the potential benefits of it, McCaleb Funeral Home is here to assist you with all of your planning. Stop by and see us at 900 W. 4th St. Weslaco, TX 78596 to meet with a funeral director or give us a call at 956-968-7533 with any questions.

You can count on the professional care team at McCaleb Funeral Home to serve your family with utmost dignity and respect. We serve all faiths, offering the most complete funeral, burial, and cremation services, with new facilities, at a very affordable price. We provide personalized funerals and cremations for families in Mercedes, Donna, Edcouch, Progreso, Elsa, and Alamo, TX.

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