Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pre-Planning a Cremation Service

Posted on February 12, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation
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Pre-planning your own cremation service in Mercedes, TX is one of the smartest decisions you can ever make. By pre-planning a cremation for yourself, you’ll let your family know what you want to happen when you pass away one day. You’ll also prevent them from having to worry about planning a cremation service for you. And generally speaking, you’ll enjoy a peace of mind that you wouldn’t get otherwise after pre-planning your cremation. Before you get started, though, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Check them out below.

cremation service in Mercedes, TX

“Are you sure you want to be cremated?”

Choosing to be cremated rather than buried is a big decision. It’s not a decision that you should take lightly under any circumstances. Prior to pre-planning a Mercedes, TX cremation for yourself, you should learn everything you can about cremation. You should also talk to a funeral director about cremation to make sure it’s the best decision for you. Then and only then should you proceed with the pre-planning process. This is a question that you’re going to want to spend weeks, if not months, pondering.

“Do you think your family might object to you choosing cremation?”

With the cremation rate rising up over the 50 percent mark in recent years, most families aren’t all that surprised to hear when their loved ones want to be cremated anymore. But there are still some instances in which families will object to their loved ones choosing cremation. You don’t necessarily need to avoid choosing cremation because your family doesn’t agree with it. But if you think they might have a problem with you deciding to go with cremation, it’s worth talking to them about it. You don’t want to blindside them with the news that you wanted to be cremated during your final days.

“Is your religion on board with the idea of cremation?”

In 2020, most of the world’s major religions have come around to allowing followers to choose cremation. From Catholicism to most of the various branches of Christianity, cremation is permitted by many religions. But there are still some that are steadfastly against it. Judaism, for example, isn’t on board with the idea of people being cremated. Neither is Islam. If you’re not sure what your religion has to say about cremation, check in with them about it and see where they stand. It could have an impact on whether or not you choose to pre-plan your cremation service.

“Which funeral home should you go with for pre-planning purposes?”

While pre-planning your own cremation service is a great idea, it’s going to turn into more trouble than it’s worth if you go with the wrong funeral home. You should make sure you choose a funeral home that has a history of providing people with excellent pre-planning experiences. Check with family members and friends for recommendations and read online reviews before agreeing to work with a specific funeral home. You want to ensure they’re up for the challenge of pre-planning a cremation for you.

At McCaleb Funeral Home, we have plenty of experience offering pre-planning services. We would be more than happy to show you how we can help you when you stop by our Mercedes, TX funeral home. Set up a meeting with a funeral director by calling (956) 968-7533 or come see us in person at 900 W 4th St, Weslaco, TX 78596 to find out how our pre-planning services can benefit you.

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