Planning A Celebration of Life

Posted on March 21, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Unlike a traditional funeral service, celebration of life ceremonies can seem more like a party than a somber occasion. This is because, for these types of ceremonies, the focus is more so on honoring and celebrating the incredible life of our loved ones rather than mourning and reflecting on the fact that they are gone. Many families are drawn to the more positive spin on honoring the deceased, which is why they are growing in popularity. Here, we’ll fill you in on how to best plan this type of ceremony. If you need a funeral home in Harlingen, TX stop by and speak to any of our expert professionals!

Decorate the Space

Whether you choose to have the celebration of life service in a funeral home or in your own home is completely up to you. We suggest decorating whatever space your service will be in for a personalized touch that reminds guests of the deceased. Feel free to get close family and friends involved in the decorating process as well. This can be a great way to bond over the loss and share your emotions and feelings as well. If you are having your ceremony at a funeral home, decorating can be a fun way for your funeral director to showcase their creative side. Additionally, keep in mind themes or decorations related to the deceased so that the ceremony honors them and their life.

Create a Playlist

Having a playlist playing of the deceased’s favorite songs and music is another awesome way to personalize a celebration of life ceremony! Feel free to allow family and friends to collaborate on the playlist prior to the ceremony as well so that everyone gets a chance to participate. A personalized playlist is always effective at allowing people to feel closer to the people they lost and reflect on happier times. Listening to music is also well-known to be a healing and cathartic experience, so it’s a great strategy to use to tackle grief and other difficult or complex emotions.


Including photographs is crucial to any celebration of life ceremony. It is true, pictures say a thousand words, so encourage all guests to submit their favorite pictures of or with the deceased prior to the ceremony. This will surely be a focal point of the ceremony and will encourage a lot of important and necessary conversation and reminiscing.funeral homes in Harlingen, TX


One of the biggest differences between a funeral and a celebration of life ceremony is the inclusion of food. Now, not every celebration of life ceremony has to include food, but it could definitely be a nice touch! Again, think about the deceased and personalize the menu according to what they loved. Cooking the food is also another awesome way for family and friends to bond with one another during such a difficult time.

Celebration of life ceremonies don’t have to look just one way. There are so many ways to have fun and get creative with this ceremony, so share what worked for you! When stopping by our funeral home in Harlingen, TX we guarantee you will be impressed with our services!