Memorial Service Ideas for Cremation

Posted on December 13, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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We all know how a traditional funeral works; there is a viewing of the body, prayers, hymns, and eulogies. However, when a loved one who has passed has been cremated, we are ultimately left with the decision of what the best way to honor them is. Without a body present it can be difficult to ensure that the services offers families a similar opportunity for a final goodbye. Fortunately, we have some suggestions on how to get creative with planning a cremation service in Elsa, TX.

Creating a Personalized Display

Without a body present, a great way to achieve that feeling of closeness with the deceased is by personalizing the funeral home in whatever it was that your loved one was most passionate about in life. For example, if the deceased loved gardening, then it could be a great idea to adorn the space with some of their favorite flowers and plants and perhaps pictures of their own garden. Or if your loved one enjoyed music, then you should not hesitate to have displays of either their favorite bands or artists or have some of their favorite songs playing on a playlist. In this way, the family has an opportunity to feel closer to their loved one by being surrounded and immersed in what truly brought them joy in life.

Photo Tributes

Similar to a personalized display, photo tributes are a great visual option to remember a loved one by. One option is to create a memory board, which will be a collection of photos that visually depicts the timeline of the deceased’s life. This can be a very touching tribute as this is an incredible way to honor the life and legacy of someone who meant so much to a lot of people.

Video Display/Presentation

cremation service in Elsa, TXA video display can oftentimes be the most meaningful way to honor a loved one, as you have a final opportunity to view your loved one while they were alive, all while you are surrounded and supported by friends and family. Video tributes can oftentimes be very touching and can be accompanied by the deceased’s favorite song as background music as well. Feel free to have family and friends send in any videos of your loved one that they may have so that you have as many unique memories, milestones, and happy moments to include as possible.

Personalized Urn

When planning a cremation service, the urn is usually the equivalent of the body at a viewing. It is common for people who are attending a cremation memorial service to approach the urn and either say prayers or have a moment of silence. Since the urn is typically the center of most people’s focus at these services, it is a great opportunity to personalize it as much as possible. You can opt to have the urn engraved with a prayer, a quote, a touching message, or anything else that is meaningful. If you do not wish to engrave the urn, then it is a great idea to decorate the area in which the urn is placed with personalized touches honoring the deceased.

We hope that during such a difficult time in your life we have provided you with some sense of relief for when you plan to hold a cremation service in Elsa, TX. Remember to reach out for support and know that we are here for you!