Managing Grief During Winter

Posted on March 7, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Grief, whether we are experiencing it ourselves or not, is a heavy and isolating emotion. Moreover, winter can be cause for much isolation as well as shorter days, colder nights, and frigid temperatures cause many people to stay inside their homes. Typically, when suffering from grief a great solution is to maintain a close social circle, yet we understand this can be difficult during these months. Below, we’re going to let you know all about the best practices to best manage and get a handle on your grief in any season! Our funeral home in Alamo, TX is always open and eager to help in any way that we can. Stop by today!

Actively Seek Out Joy

It may seem counterintuitive but seeking out joy during grief is a great way to allow yourself to keep striving to look forward. While it may be difficult to enjoy the things that you previously used to, this does not mean you are incapable of seeking out joy! Whether you feed the birds, pet a dog, or take a walk in nature, doesn’t matter, so long as you are actively making a conscious effort to choose joy, we assure you it will slowly but surely come your way.

Learn Something New

Again, being grief-stricken, this may sound like a monumental feat, but we guarantee it will make you feel better! Scientists have long proven that learning new information increases our brain’s neuroplasticity and releases good-feeling emotions in our body! So, whether you feel up for it or not, we suggest just jumping into a new hobby or activity. A good idea alongside this suggestion is perhaps to have a friend join with you on the hobby or activity. Not only will you get all the good feelings that come from challenging and educating yourself, but you’ll also have another person to communicate healthily with about your feelings and emotions, which is always a plus!

Read a Book

This piece of advice cannot be stated enough. When feeling down, dive into a good book! Much like movies, books offer audiences an escape from their reality. Many people who experience grief find temporary relief with the help of literature. Additionally, the themes and plots within stories can help us make sense of what is happening in our own life. So, while television and movies can offer an experience, books can offer a similar escape and hope.

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We all know about exercises’ mood-boosting qualities, so why do so many of us steer clear? When experiencing grief, there is no better time to exercise. Since exercise has been proven to uplift us, we cannot recommend this suggestion enough. Although it may be hard to stay motivated, especially given the circumstances, sticking to a strict routine is a great and effective way to carry you through grief. We suggest inviting a friend to tag along for extra motivation!

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