Ideas for your Cremation Ceremony

Posted on April 18, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Many people make the assumption that with a cremation service, there is no ceremony afforded to the family and loved ones afterward. This is, in fact, simply not true as there are plenty of people who plan meaningful ceremonies and services after their loved one has been cremated. Since it will differ slightly from a traditional funeral service, people may be at a loss for how to plan this type of event. Fortunately, planning a cremation service can be both simple and personalized. If you are looking for a funeral home in McAllen, TX, we suggest you stop in for a visit or speak to any of our experienced professionals!


When planning a cremation ceremony for a loved one, we recommend planning ahead all of the speakers you’d like to say a few words at the ceremony. These speakers can be anyone you like and can include religious speakers, pastors, family members, friends, colleagues, and more! Whoever would like to speak, be sure that they are notified ahead of time so that they may plan properly and well in advance for the ceremony. Invite people to not only share scripture but also memories, thoughts, stories, or anything else they have that will remind mourners of the incredible life that the deceased led.

Slide Shows

If you don’t have many speakers or you’d simply like to add a creative aspect to the cremation ceremony, then we suggest creating a slide show of the deceased. A great idea is to allow family and friends to help out and contribute to the slide show prior to the service. Family and friends can send in photos, videos, songs, and more that remind them of the deceased or reflect happier times. We are sure that your guests will love having been a part of creating such a meaningful slide show and it is a great method to allow guests to feel connected during such a difficult time.

Musicfuneral home in McAllen, TX

Unlike traditional funeral services, typically with cremation ceremonies, there is a little more room to be creative and different. Incorporating music into a cremation ceremony can be a great way for people to remember the deceased, especially if the selected music was meaningful to the deceased while they were alive. We suggest notifying guests about the inclusion of music prior to the ceremony so that guests can submit songs that they would like included as well. Again, the collaborative aspect of these types of additions to cremation ceremonies really helps guests to feel unified in their grief and mourning, which is always helpful.


Another unique aspect of holding a cremation ceremony is that the family’s location is really up to the location. We suggest choosing a location that is easily accessible to all and one that was perhaps meaningful or loved by the deceased when they were alive. Some easy suggestions include parks, beaches, backyards, and homes.

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