How to Talk to Your Kids About Grief and the Grieving Process

Posted on September 28, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation
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If someone in your family just died, you might be very busy planning out their burial or cremation service in Elsa, TX right now. This can be a very time-consuming process that can take up a lot of your physical and mental energy. But you shouldn’t let it stop you from speaking with your kids about death as it pertains to your loved one. You also shouldn’t let it stop you from talking to them about grief and the grieving process as a whole. Here are some tips that will make your talk with your kids more productive overall.

You should obviously begin by informing them of your loved one’s death.

Before you can begin talking to your kids about grief at length, you’re obviously going to need to share the news about your loved one’s death if they don’t know about it already. You might be tempted to beat around the bush while doing this, but it’s usually best to be as straightforward as possible with your kids. Be as direct as you can be when telling your kids about how your loved one has died. You don’t have to give them every last detail about their death, but your kids shouldn’t be confused as far as what you’re telling them when you’re done with this portion of your talk with them.

You should encourage your kids to express their emotions and share their feelings.

Once your kids understand that your loved one has died, they might start to express their emotions on their own and tell you about how sad that the news makes them. If they do it themselves, that’s great. But if they don’t, you should encourage them to express their emotions and to talk to you about their feelings. Some kids will try to put on a brave face when dealing with death, and it’s your job to tell them that it’s OK to feel sad and to cry when someone that they love dies.

You should tell your kids about grief and stress how natural it is.

One of the things that your kids might start to realize after expressing their emotions in the immediate aftermath of your loved one’s death is that they feel different than they normally do when they’re sad about something. This is because they’ve probably never had to deal with grief before. You should explain what grief is and stress that it’s their body and mind’s natural reaction to hearing about a loved one’s loss. This should provide them with some comfort and relief and allow them to process what’s going on a little better than they would be able to otherwise.

You should inform your kids about how grief doesn’t go away overnight.

Kids get sad about things all the time. More often than not, they get over these things in just a few hours, if not a few minutes. But they’re not likely going to get over the loss of a loved one overnight or even after their Elsa, TX funeral services. This might feel strange to them. You should tell your kids about how grief can take a lot longer to process than regular sadness. You should also educate them about the so-called grieving process and explain how it can take some people weeks or even months to find relief from the pain that they feel following a loved one’s loss. Tell them that you’ll be there for them every step of the way and that you’ll make it through everything together.

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You’re going to have to handle talking to your kids about your loved one’s death. But McCaleb Funeral Home can help you handle everything else when you’re making Elsa, TX funeral arrangements for a loved one. Give us a call to begin planning their burial or cremation services.

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