How to Plan a Memorial Service for Someone Who Is Being Cremated

Posted on March 22, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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If you’re going to be holding a cremation service in Elsa, TX for a loved one, you might want to have a traditional funeral for them first. It’s one of the options that you’ll have, but it’s not the only one. You can also choose to wait until after your loved one’s cremation to hold a memorial service for them. This has turned into a popular option for many of those families who are cremating their loved ones. Take a look at how to plan a memorial service for someone who is being cremated below. 


Figure out the right time to hold the memorial service. 

Since you’re going to be holding a loved one’s memorial service following their Elsa, TX cremation in most cases, you don’t have to be in any big rush to do it. You can wait a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months to hold the memorial service. You and your family should think about when the best time to hold the memorial service would be prior to doing anything else. It’ll give you a better idea of how much time you’re going to have to pull everything together. 


Choose the ideal location for the memorial service. 

Once you know when you’re going to hold a memorial service for your loved one following their cremation, you can move on to discussing where it’s going to be. In a lot of cases, families will opt to stage memorial services at the funeral homes where their loved ones were cremated. But you can also choose to stage your loved one’s memorial service at a church, in a park, or in almost any other location that you want. Just make sure that it’ll provide you and your family and friends with enough room to stretch out during the service. 


Personalize the memorial service from start to finish. 

cremation service in Elsa, TX

After you have the perfect place for your loved one’s memorial service all picked out, it’ll officially be time to start piecing the service together. You should make every effort to personalize it in whichever ways you might want. You can do this by picking songs, readings, and poems that your loved one would have appreciated. You can also do it by incorporating photos and videos of your loved one into the mix. You should do whatever it takes to make your loved one’s memorial service feel very specific to them. 


Find a good way to invite people to the memorial service. 

If you’re going to hold your loved one’s memorial service right after their cremation, you can list the details for it in their obituary without worrying about sending out any invitations. But if you’re going to wait a little while to hold the service, you might want to find a better way to inform people about it. You can do this by mailing out invitations for the service, calling people to tell them about the service, or even using social media to share details about the service. It’ll let people know about it and ensure that they’re in attendance. 


Do you need a hand planning a memorial service for a loved one who is being cremated? McCaleb Funeral Home is the Elsa, TX funeral home you can rely on for all your family’s cremation needs. Give us a call today to start planning your loved one’s memorial service with our assistance. 

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