How to Begin to Heal Following a Loved One’s Cremation Service

Posted on May 18, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation
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There are some families that choose not to hold any kind of cremation service in Harlingen, TX for a loved one who asked to be cremated. They simply honor their loved one’s wishes without putting together a proper funeral or memorial service for them. This can be a big mistake since a lack of a funeral or memorial service can make it hard for families to start to heal. These services give people an opportunity to kickstart the healing process, so when they choose not to hold them, it can delay the process overall. It’s why it’s so important to hold services for a loved one when they pass away. It’s also important to take other steps to heal following a loved one’s cremation services. Here are some of the ways to do it.

cremation service in Harlingen, TX

Find something special to do with your loved one’s cremated remains.

In the immediate aftermath of your loved one’s Harlingen, TX cremation, the first thing you should do is figure out what you’re going to do with their remains. You can take them home and display them on a mantle or bury them in a cemetery. You can also store them in a columbarium for safekeeping or scatter them in a special place. Whatever you do, don’t just toss your loved one’s remains into the back of a closet in your house and fail to do anything with them.

Invest in cremation-related merchandise for your home.

If you’re going to display your loved one’s remains in your home, you should buy a cremation urn first. It’s one of the most popular types of cremation-related merchandise available at most funeral homes. You should also consider picking up other merchandise like cremation jewelry, picture frames, garden memorials, and more. All of these things will help you keep your loved one in your heart as you strive to heal.

Seek grief counseling or grief support services.

They say that time heals all wounds, and for many people, it’s true. As time goes on, you’ll naturally start to heal and feel better following a loved one’s loss. But there are some people who struggle to come to terms with a family member or friend’s death even after a long stretch of time. These people could really benefit from grief counseling or grief support services. You should look into obtaining these services if you’re having an especially hard time healing following your loved one’s cremation.

Look for ways to honor your loved one’s legacy over time.

One of the best ways to heal after a loved one’s cremation is by finding some way to honor your loved one’s legacy and keep their spirit alive. It could be a matter of doing something as simple as hanging a sign in their memory out in your garden or as complicated as starting a charitable foundation in their name. There are so many things that you could potentially do to honor your loved one’s legacy. Find something that you think would work best for them.

Before you can start the healing process, make sure that you provide your loved one with the cremation services they deserve. McCaleb Funeral Home is the Harlingen, TX funeral home that you should call on to set you up with the services you need. Get in contact with us for more information on the services we can deliver to your family during your time of need.

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