Documents You Should Consider Bringing Along to a Funeral Home

Posted on March 15, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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The last thing that you want to do when visiting a funeral home in Elsa, TX to map out a loved one’s funeral services is show up empty-handed. You’re going to have a really difficult time putting the plans for your loved one’s services into place if you don’t have the right documents handy. You should learn about the documents that you should consider bringing along to a funeral home prior to making your way down to one. Here are some of the documents that you’re going to want to have when you arrive. 


Birth certificate 

The very first thing you should grab when collecting documents to bring to a funeral home is your loved one’s birth certificate. It’s going to provide a funeral home with all the basic information that it’ll need with regards to your loved one while you’re in the process of making Elsa, TX funeral arrangements for them. This information will be used to create everything from an obituary to a death certificate for your loved one. 


Marriage certificate 

If your loved one was married, another thing that you’re going to want to bring to a funeral home is their marriage certificate. It’ll prove to a funeral home that your loved one was married, and it’ll also set them up with other information that they’re going to need to fill out paperwork on their end. You obviously won’t need to provide a marriage certificate if your loved one wasn’t married, but if they were, it’s going to be good to have it around. 


Military discharge papers 

Did your loved one serve in the military at any point in their life? If they did, then they could very well be entitled to a whole bunch of special benefits. But you’re not going to be able to get access to these benefits without their military discharge papers. These papers will let a funeral home know that your loved one was discharged honorably from the military. 


Funeral pre-planning papers 

If your loved one took it upon themselves to pre-plan their funeral services, you should definitely bring any paperwork connected to the pre-planning process to a funeral home. The funeral home that they pre-planned their services through should have this paperwork as well. But it never hurts to bring it with you just in case. funeral home in Elsa, TX


Insurance policy paperwork 

If your loved one had either life insurance or funeral insurance, you’re going to want to pack any paperwork related to it up with the other documents that you’re bringing to a funeral home. Even if you’re having trouble making much sense of this paperwork, it would be good for you to have it. Your funeral director should be able to look through it and let you know how the insurance can help you cover some or all of your loved one’s funeral costs. 


Would you like to find out what else you might need to bring with you to a funeral home to plan a loved one’s Elsa, TX funeral services? McCaleb Funeral Home can set you up with additional information on what you should bring. Reach out to us now to speak with a funeral director.

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