Dividing a Loved One’s Possessions After a Funeral

Posted on February 14, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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If a loved one leaves a will behind after their passing, dividing important items and possessions is typically a straightforward process as everything is already laid out. However, when a loved one dies without leaving behind a will to reference, dividing possessions can not only prove stressful, but it can also result in fights and arguments among family and friends. To avoid this, we have listed some important do’s and don’ts when dividing items and possessions. If you are looking for a no-hassle cremation service in McAllen, TX we are ready to help you in any way that we can!

Draw Straws

If you and your family are one that isn’t prone to bickering and arguments, this method may be preferable for you all! For the items of lesser value, we recommend having everyone draw straws to determine the order in which you all will pick out items. This method can also be a great way to reminisce and stir up memories while you all sort through the items of the deceased. If your family is prone to bickering, you may want to rework this method a bit to ensure that no arguments arise.

Break out the Colored Stickers

This is another great distribution method, and it can also go hand-in-hand with the previous method as well! Hand out colored stickers to all family members who wish to take some items. Allow everyone to place their stickers on any items of their choosing and once you are all finished, assess how many stickers are on each item. If an item only has one sticker, then that item is free to go to whoever chose it. If an item has more than one sticker, then you can draw straws and whoever wins gets to select that item. While this method can be a little frustrating, there is no arguing that it isn’t fair!

Get Appraisals

For items of high monetary value, we recommend getting appraisals and splitting the items evenly afterward. Items best for this method include jewelry, antiques, coin collections, and so forth. If there are some items that nobody wishes to take, we recommend selling those items and then splitting the proceeds afterward among everyone.cremation service in McAllen, TX

Make Copies

When sifting among your loved one’s items, if you encounter old tapes, photos, recordings, movies, clippings, and letters we highly suggest that you make copies and transfer everything over to a digital format for best preservation. Digitizing and making multiple copies of these items ensures that they will not only keep intact in your life but in the lifetime of future generations of your family to come.

Dividing items and possessions after a loved one passes can be a time of extreme division and stress. The last thing that anyone wants is for their family to be arguing and feuding during a time where everyone should instead be lifting one another up. We hope that our tips and suggestions help you and your loved ones in the future. When you need a cremation service in McAllen, TX you should feel free to give us a call right away!