Displaying Cremains

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After a loved one’s cremation service, you may be feeling as though you’d like to honor them in a unique way. One of the ways in which people choose to honor their loved ones after the cremation is by displaying their ashes beautifully in their homes. While ashes can be easily displayed just by placing the urn in a specific location, we have some useful tips and suggestions for how to make it as meaningful as possible. If you’re interested in learning more, read on. Our funeral home in LaFeria, TX is always open and ready to welcome all who walk through our doors. Stop by or give us a call so that we may answer any questions and concerns that you may have period we look forward to speaking with you!

Pick the Right Urn

When looking into displaying your loved one’s urn in your home, it’s important that you pick the best one for your home. This means that you should avoid going with something that seems a little too out of place or jarring. We suggest going with an urn that works well with the style and decor of your home. It could be a good idea to do some research online or in-person at a funeral home ahead of time to look through options you think will work well for you. We recommend going online as there are many more options available. From the material to the style, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when assessing which aesthetic works well within your home.

Pick the Best Location

Once you’ve selected an urn that works well with the decor and style of your home, then it is time to pick a proper location to place it. While urns can essentially be placed anywhere within the home, we recommend that you try to assess the best location possible. This means that you should avoid locations that put the urn at risk of being damaged or knocked over accidentally. It could be a good idea to select a location in which the urn is not easily within reach of people. While there is no right or wrong location to choose, the location of your urn will really depend on the layout of your home and the frequency in which you have guests over. It could also be a good idea to place the urn in a spot where it is visible for visitors to look at when they walk into your home. In this way, your loved one will always be remembered and kept alive.

funeral home in LaFeria, TX

Use Photos

If you wish to decorate the space surrounding your loved one’s urn, we recommend placing a few photos of the deceased nearby. Feel free to collaborate with family and friends about which pictures work best for the area. We recommend purchasing a few simple frames in which to place the photos so that the area looks as beautiful as possible. Additionally, you could also decorate the area surrounding the urn with mementos and souvenirs of the deceased as well.

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