Creating a Memorial Space

Posted on March 28, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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If you are newly experiencing the loss of a loved one, you can be feeling confused about what to do next. It seems as though it isn’t enough consolation to know that we can visit their grave, sometimes people need more than that. Fortunately, a lot of people have found healing and ease to their grief through the addition of memorial spaces inside of their homes. It’s important to note that not all memorial spaces have to look alike. In fact, they are largely customizable so keep that in mind! Inquire about our cremation service in Harlingen, TX and we’ll be happy to work with you and your family.


Depending on the size of the memorial you would like to set up, the location within your home can vary greatly. If you are thinking of including only some small or minor mementos and items, for example, then you can consider using either a shelf, desk, coffee table, or end table for your memorial space. Additionally, if you think that you may want to decorate a larger memorial then consider using either an old hobby room, an unused guest or bedroom, or an office.

Cremation Urn

If your loved one was cremated after passing, then it’s likely that you have an urn in your possession. In order to make the urn the highlight of your memorial space, as we think it should be, strongly consider getting it engraved with either the name of the deceased, a quote, or a photograph. An engraved photograph on an urn is a beautiful way to remember the deceased every time you enter your memorial space.


Similar to the point made about engraving the urn, adding photographs of the deceased around your memorial space is always a nice touch. Spend some time either alone or with close family and friends poring over old photographs of the deceased. This could be a fun and collaborative event that offers some peace during the grieving process. Have fun with the frames that you choose for each photograph as this can add a nice touch to your space. Additionally, if you liken yourself to a creative soul, then feel free to make a collage of your own of the deceased to have on full display!cremation service in Harlingen, TX


All great memorial spaces are decked out with meaningful memorabilia of the deceased’s while they were alive. This can include things like award certificates, trophies, pictures they took, things they wrote, religious keepsakes, jewelry, drawings, and more! Adding these small touches will allow you and guests who view your memorial space an opportunity to feel closer to the deceased. Memorial spaces are also healthy spaces to grieve and release your emotions.

Anytime you are looking for a cremation services in Harlingen, TX we want to assure you that we are always happy and eager to help. Our team is respectful, accommodating, and experienced so you can be at ease knowing that you are in good hands with us! Call us or stop in today with any questions or concerns you may have or check our services.