Corners You Shouldn’t Cut When Planning a Cremation Service

Posted on May 24, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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cremation service in Elsa, TX

When you’re in the process of trying to plan out a cremation service in Elsa, TX for a loved one, you might be tempted to try and cut a few corners. You’re going to be grieving your loved one’s loss and feeling stressed out to some degree because of all the planning that needs to be done, and this could potentially cause you to try and take shortcuts. But you should avoid doing this at all costs if you can. Here are a handful of corners that you definitely shouldn’t cut when planning a cremation service for someone.


Choosing the cheapest funeral home you can find to help you

When you’re in a hurry to start planning a loved one’s cremation service, you might not put a whole lot of thought into which Elsa, TX funeral home you use. Oftentimes, people will just Google “funeral home near me” and choose the first one that pops up. They’ll also use price as their determining factor at times and select whichever funeral home will offer them the lowest costs. You should steer clear of doing either of these things and instead focus on finding the right funeral home to help you plan a loved one’s cremation.


Deciding not to hold any kind of funeral service for your loved one

Since you’re going to be planning a cremation service for your loved one and not a burial service, you might be under the impression that you can get away with not holding a funeral service for them. Technically, you can if you want. But you should always try to stage a funeral for someone who has died, even if they’re being cremated. A funeral service will give your family a chance to celebrate a loved one’s life. It’ll also give you all a chance to properly mourn your loved one’s loss so that you can jumpstart the healing process.


Buying the most basic urn for your loved one’s cremated remains

At the end of your loved one’s cremation service, their remains are going to be put into an urn for safekeeping. You’ll then be able to either take this urn home with you or have it buried or put into a cremation niche at a cemetery. You’re welcome to buy whichever urn you want for your loved one, but you should put at least a little thought into it and look for an urn that’s going to represent them in some way. You don’t want to pick out just any old urn if you can help it.


cremation service in Elsa, TXDoing all of this without coming up with any kind of budget

You’re going to love the fact that planning a cremation service is typically a whole lot less expensive than planning a burial service. But that doesn’t mean that you should work without a budget when putting cremation plans together. You should come up with a budget at the very start and do your best to stick to it until the very end. It’ll help you and your family avoid going into debt while making plans for your loved one.


When you plan an Elsa, TX cremation for a loved one through McCaleb Funeral Home, we’ll make sure that you don’t cut any corners along the way. We’ll also be by your side as you make a bunch of difficult decisions while planning a loved one’s cremation. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you throughout this process.