Celebrating a Death Anniversary

Posted on September 12, 2022 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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When a loved one passes, there are different ways that we choose to remember them and the life that they lived. While some people may deal with the occurrence of a loved one’s death anniversary without much trouble, there are others who struggle to get through the day each year. If you’re interested, read on for some of our suggestions on how to overcome this tragic day. Whenever you need an affordable or high-quality cremation service in LaFeria, TX, we recommend you give us a call or stop by for a visit so that we can let you know about all of the services that we offer. We are always more than happy to help, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Hold a Service

Your loved one’s death anniversary may come each year as a day that you absolutely dread. You may struggle to face the day and make progress in your grief journey. Unfortunately, many people fail to get over the reality of this day each year and resign themselves to believing that there is no cure. While there is no way to magically get over a tough loss in your life, there are ways that you can manage the grief and eventually find a way to heal a great deal from where you originally started. One of the first things you need to evaluate about yourself, however, is ask yourself how you usually spend your loved one’s death anniversary. If you typically spend this day in isolation and sadness, then it makes sense that you’ve never made progress in trying to overcome it. If you want to take back control over how you choose to honor your loved one on their death anniversary, then you’ll want to change your behavior. If you are someone who is religious, then you should consider holding a service in your loved one’s honor. We recommend holding the service in either a church or other house of worship. Once you’ve chosen the location, it is then up to you to decide how you’d like the service to be organized. We recommend inviting close friends and family so that you are able to lean on others during this difficult moment in your life.

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Go Through Old Photos and Videos

If you like to keep things a little more casual, then there are definitely options that you can consider as well. We recommend dusting of old photo albums and videos of the deceased and going through them on their death anniversary. While you may assume that doing so would make you even more sad, it will actually bring about joy to relieve happier memories and past moments with your loved one. If you’d like to make this day more meaningful, then we recommend that you invite close friends and family. Additionally, you should encourage them to bring their own pictures and videos as well!

Throw a Dinner

If you are someone who enjoys planning large events at their house, then we suggest using your loved one’s death anniversary as a day to throw a dinner party.

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