Avoid These Mistakes When Shopping for an Urn for a Cremation

Posted on July 27, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation
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At some point during the cremation planning process, families have to sit down and choose an urn for someone who is being cremated. You don’t want to hold a cremation service in Alamo, TX for your loved one and then suddenly realize that you don’t have anything to put their remains in. When shopping for urns, it’s easy to get overwhelmed since there are so many to pick from. It’s also easy to make mistakes when choosing the one that you want for your loved one’s remains. Try to avoid making the following mistakes when shopping for an urn for a cremation.

Not creating a budget for an urn from the start

There are urns for those with just about any budget. You can find urns for an Alamo, TX cremation for under $100 if you want. You can also spend more than $1,000 customizing an urn from top to bottom. Make it your mission to decide how much you’re willing to spend on an urn right when you start shopping for one. It’ll help you steer clear of overspending on an urn that you can’t actually afford to buy.

Buying the first urn you see as opposed to considering all your options

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many cremation urns out there for those in the market for one. You can find everything from traditional metal urns without any decorative touches on them to marble urns that will class up any room in your house. Your goal should be to sort through all your options first before narrowing your search down to one specific type of urn. This is a much better approach to take than simply buying whichever urn appears in front of your eyes first.

cremation service in Alamo, TXSelecting an urn that doesn’t suit your loved one’s personality

Was your loved one someone who was very shy and subdued? Then you’re probably not going to want to buy them an overly gaudy urn that stands out in the crowd. It won’t serve as a great representation of what kind of person they were. By the same token, you should avoid going with a relatively tame and boring urn if your loved one was someone who lit up every room that they ever walked into. You might want to go with something more stylish for their urn. Try to match up your loved one’s personality with the urn that you buy for them.

Feeling like you have to buy an urn from a funeral home

Since you’re going to be making funeral arrangements for your loved one through a funeral home, you might feel like you have to buy an urn from them. But this isn’t the case. You’re allowed to shop around for urns wherever you want, even if that means telling your funeral home that you’ll be providing an urn from another vendor. They shouldn’t have an issue with you taking this approach to buying an urn at all.

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