Are You Allowed to Hold a Cremation Service If You Are Catholic?

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If you’re a Catholic person, you might be wondering if the Catholic Church is against the idea of you holding a Donna, TX cremation service. As recently as the 1960s, the Vatican spoke out against cremation and told Catholic people not to partake in it.

Things have changed over the last 50 years, though, and the Catholic Church is not entirely opposed to cremation anymore. In fact, the Vatican has come out and said that Catholics can be cremated if they want. There are, however, a few stipulations that the Vatican has put out. Here are some things you need to know if you’re a Catholic person considering cremation.

The Vatican would prefer for people to be buried rather than cremated.
The Vatican has come a long way as far as their thoughts on cremation are concerned. They understand that many people choose to be cremated for economic and social reasons and have chosen to allow it. But–and this is a big but–the Vatican would still ultimately prefer if people held traditional burial services for the dead. In 2015, the Vatican revealed that they believe burials are the best way to show “esteem” for those who have passed away. They believe burying a person’s body is the ultimate sign of respect.

If cremation is used, the Vatican has strict policies as far as what to do with a person’s remains.
If you choose to ask a funeral home in Donna, TX to perform cremation services for you, the Catholic Church will not be against it. However, the Vatican has released very strict guidelines as far as what families should do with the remains of a person who has been cremated. They want to see remains stored in a “sacred place” like a cemetery following cremation. They are very much against families scattering the ashes of a person or taking them home and storing them on a mantel inside of an urn.

The Vatican is steadfastly against mistreating the remains of a person in any way.
The thing that seems to make the Vatican most skeptical about cremation is that there are many people who are choosing to do all kinds of crazy things with a person’s remains after they die and are cremated. Some families are taking the ashes of a person and preserving them in pieces of jewelry. Others are having ashes inserted into tattoos or placed inside of bullets that are used for hunting. There are even some people who are blasting their loved one’s remains out into outer space. In the Vatican’s mind, this is too much and is a clear sign of disrespect for a person’s body. They will not give their blessing for this kind of blasphemous behavior.

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