5 Ways in Which You Can Customize a Loved One’s Cremation Urn

Posted on August 23, 2021 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Cremation services
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At some point when you’re planning a loved one’s cremation service in La Feria, TX, you’re going to need to look into ordering a cremation urn for their cremated remains. Unless you plan on scattering their remains later on, an urn is pretty much going to be a must-have item. You should also look into potentially customizing your loved one’s urn to make it unique. You’ll be so glad you did once you see the finished product and start showing it off in your home. Here are five ways in which you can customize a loved one’s urn so that it stands out.

1. Begin by choosing an urn for your loved one made out of the right materials.

When you’re shopping for an urn for a loved one’s La Feria, TX cremation, you’re going to find that they’re made out of many different materials these days. From metal to stone to wood, you can pick out an urn made out of the materials that you like the most. It’ll give your loved one’s urn the right look from the very start.

2. Make your loved one’s urn their favorite color.

Once you pick out the urn that you like most for your loved one, you should think about having it painted their favorite color. You can put almost any color that you would like on the outside of most urns. Although you don’t necessarily need to change the color of an urn if you don’t want to do it, it’s going to take an urn to the next level when you do.

3. Engrave your loved one’s urn with their name and the dates of their birth and death.

Engraving your loved one’s urn is going to be a great way for you to put some information about them on the outside of the urn. You should start by engraving their name on it. You can also engrave the dates of their birth and death on it. And you might even want to add a few words that help to describe who they were as a person. You should have plenty of space to include whatever engravings you would like on the urn.

4. Add your loved one’s favorite quote to their urn.

Did your loved one have a favorite quote that they would refer back to over and over again? If they did, that might be something that you want to stick on the outside of their urn as long as you don’t run out of room for it. You’ll smile every time you look at their urn and see this quote staring back at you.

5. Put a picture of your loved one onto their urn.cremation services in La Feria, TX

If you really want to put your loved one’s urn over the top, the last thing that you’ll want to think about doing is putting a picture of your loved one on it. You’ll need to work with someone who can capture your loved one’s essence in a photo on their urn. It might cost a nice chunk of change to do this, but it’ll be well worth it if you can afford to splurge on your loved one’s urn.

In addition to customizing your loved one’s urn, you should also try to customize the La Feria, TX funeral services that you hold for them either before or after their cremation. McCaleb Funeral Home can assist you with this and make sure that you’re able to pay tribute to your loved one in the end. Give us a call to get started.