5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Include in a Person’s Obituary

Posted on October 19, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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The average obituary isn’t very long. Most Harlingen funeral homes will tell you that they should only include a few paragraphs. But that doesn’t mean that obituaries shouldn’t have a lot of information in them. There are some things that families should always be sure to put into one. Let’s take a closer look at five of the things that should appear in a person’s obituary no matter what.

1. A person’s full name and any nicknames they might have

The very first thing that should appear in a person’s obituary is obviously their name. But a family should include more than just a first and last name. They should include their loved one’s full name, including their middle name, and they should work any nicknames that a person might have had into the mix, too. Oftentimes, a person may have gone by a nickname as opposed to their given name all the time, which is why it’s important to put this name into their obituary. It’ll ensure that others are able to properly identify the deceased.

2. A person’s hometown and the place they died in

Outside of including a person’s name, a family should also start off an obituary by including both their hometown and the place where they died, if they were different. This is important because it will, again, help others to properly identify and place the person. If no hometown and/or place of death is included, people might not recognize the deceased. A hometown and place of death will clue them in to who the person was.

3. A person’s immediate family members and any special friends they had

It would be pretty much impossible to list all of the family members and friends that a person had in their obituary. But families should work hard to include most of their immediate family members as well as any special friends that they had. It can be difficult to do this for someone who has a very large family, but families should do their best when it comes to listing family members and friends.

4. A person’s professional accomplishments

Most people spend the majority of their life working in one specific field. In certain cases, they spend years and even decades on end working for a certain employer. This deserves to be acknowledged in their obituary. A family should lay out what it was that their loved one did for work and then list some of their employers and their professional accomplishments. It’ll work to showcase all that they were able to do during their professional life.

5. A person’s personal interests

There isn’t much time to inject a person’s personality into their obituary, but towards the end, a family can do it by listing some of their loved one’s personal interests. These interests will indicate what kinds of things a person enjoyed doing and give others a glimpse of what they were like. Listing some of a person’s personal interests is an excellent way to cap off their obituary before providing people with information on their upcoming Harlingen, TX funeral services.

funeral homes in Harlingen, TX

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