4 Reasons to Hold a Reception After Services at a Funeral Home

Posted on April 15, 2020 by McCaleb Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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When you’re done holding funeral services for a loved one at a funeral home in Donna, TX, you might think that you’re going to want to go right home and get away from everyone. But in reality, you’re going to want to continue surrounding yourself with as much love and support as you can get. It’s one of the top reasons why you should hold a reception following a loved one’s services at a funeral home. There are some other good reasons to hold a reception, too. Take a look at them below.

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Gives you a chance to speak with people you may not have seen at your loved one’s funeral

During Donna, TX funeral services for a loved one, you might not get the opportunity to talk to everyone in attendance. And even if you do get the chance to do it, there’s a decent chance you’re not going to get to talk to them much outside of saying hi and bye to them. A funeral reception will provide you with the perfect chance to thank people for coming to the funeral and to talk to them further.

Helps people share their memories of your loved one with you

Those who attend your loved one’s funeral services likely have at least one or two memories of them that you might not know about. You’ll be able to hear about some of these memories during a funeral reception. Funeral receptions are often a lot more casual than funeral services, which will give people the chance to share their memories with you. You’ll love hearing all the memories they’re able to share with you.

Allows you and those who attended a funeral to laugh a little after crying throughout the services

Funeral services are obviously very sad affairs. You won’t see many people smiling or joking around during them. But funeral receptions are much different. People are free to loosen their ties up and laugh a little bit while talking about someone who passed away. When they’re in the process of sharing memories about a person, they’ll often smile as they look back at them and even joke about something that they once said or did. It’ll provide you with an escape from the grief you feel for a little while.

Provides you and everyone else with some much-needed food

If nothing else, funeral receptions are designed to provide grieving families and funeral-goers with the one thing they all need after funeral services: Food! After spending a few hours celebrating your loved one’s life, you will have worked up quite the appetite. You’ll appreciate getting a warm meal in you so that you can continue to carry on for the rest of the day.

McCaleb Funeral Home can assist you in making Donna, TX funeral arrangements for your loved one. We can also help you make plans for a funeral reception if you would like. Touch base with us at (956) 968-7533 or stop by and see us at 900 W 4th St, Weslaco, TX 78596 to get started.

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