4 Interesting Reasons Why Cremations Are Becoming So Popular

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In 2017, the cremation rate in the U.S. was just a shade under 52 percent. Over the next five years, it’s expected to grow to reach almost 58 percent. It’s clear that Harlingen, TX cremations are on the rise, and within the next 25 years or so, the majority of Americans will likely start to choose to be cremated rather than buried.  

There are many reasons for this. The one that’s cited most often is the fact that cremations usually cost significantly less than burials. But that’s far from the only reason why cremations are becoming so popular right now. Here are 4 other interesting reasons that help explain it.  

More religions are accepting cremation as a viable option. 

As recently as about 50 years ago, most major religions were not on board with the idea of their followers utilizing cremation services in Harlingen, TX. They forbid people from being cremated when they died and insisted on burials. There are still a few major religions holding on to this tradition. But many of the world’s religions, including Catholicism, now accept cremation as a viable option. This has turned more people on to the idea of using cremation.  

Fewer people are participating in organized religion than in the past. 

While many major religions are starting to become more accepting of cremation, another reason why it’s become so popular is because lots of people have moved away from following religions in recent years. As a result, they’re more open to the idea of utilizing cremation when they die since they don’t have any beliefs that forbid it.  

Many people are moving to different places throughout the course of their lives. 

Many years ago, people lived in the same place for their entire life. They were born in a city and raised there and then lived and worked there until the time they died. That’s not necessarily the case anymore. The U.S. population has become more transient with many people moving from place to place over the course of their lives. Therefore, they don’t have the same strong connection to one particular community like people used to have. They also don’t feel the need to be buried in a specific cemetery when they die. They’re open to being cremated and either having their ashes scattered or kept in an urn with their families.  

Some people are just now being exposed to cremation as an option for the first time. 

Because people are moving around at a record pace these days, they’re constantly being exposed to new things. They meet new people, take in new sights, and adopt the cultural practices of new communities. They’re also presented with options like cremation that may not have been a thought in their minds before. It’s making people rethink the burial vs. cremation debate and opening them up to the idea of being cremated one day.  

McCaleb Funeral Home has seen the cremation rate spike first-hand over the last decade. We work diligently to educate people about cremation and to tell them more about why it might be right for them when they visit our funeral home in Harlingen, TX. Reach out to us at (956) 968-7533 today to hear more about cremation or to set up a sit-down with a funeral director at 900 W 4th St., Weslaco, TX 78596. 

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