3 Ways a Funeral Home Can Help You After a Funeral Is Over

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When you work with a good Mercedes, TX funeral home, they will do more than just help you arrange a burial or cremation for your loved one. That will, of course, be their primary concern at the beginning of the process. They’ll work tirelessly to make sure your loved one’s service goes off without a hitch.  

But even after your loved one has been buried or cremated, the funeral home you work with should continue to offer you the love and support that you need. There are actually a few things that they can do in the days, weeks, and even months ahead to help you go on with your life despite losing someone very important to you. Here are 3 ways a funeral home can help you after a funeral is over.  

They can make sure you have a copy of the death certificate. 

After your loved one’s funeral is over, there is a lot of legal housekeeping you’ll need to do on their behalf. You might need to close their banking and credit card accounts. You might also need to claim benefits tied to their death. You might even need to get their estate claims settled. And in order to do all of these things, you’ll need to have a copy of their death certificate. Following burials and cremations in Mercedes, TX, your funeral home should be prepared to provide you with this certificate or tell you how to get it. You won’t be able to proceed far without it, so ask your funeral director for assistance as far as the death certificate is concerned.  

They can set you up with grief counseling or find a grief support group for you. 

The grief that you feel when a person dies obviously doesn’t disappear as soon as they’re buried or cremated. It can take a really long time to fully heal, and often times, people aren’t able to do it on their own. Your funeral home should arrange for you to receive grief counseling in the days after your loved one’s death. Furthermore, they should find a good grief support group that can provide you with the help you’ll need in the future. A funeral home might even have a support group that meets right on their premises that you can attend.  

They can send you cards to let you know you’re not alone. 

There are a few days throughout the course of the year that will be especially tough for you after your loved one dies. One, in particular, is your loved one’s birthday. You’ll likely have a really hard time making it through this day on your own. Your funeral home should help make things a little easier by sending you a card and reminding you that you’re not in this alone. They should also send you a thank-you card right after the funeral as well as at least one or two other cards throughout the year. These cards will mean a lot to you when they arrive and will help you move forward despite the pain and grief you feel.  

Would you like to work with a funeral home that offers all of these funeral services in Mercedes, TX and more? McCaleb Funeral Home can offer you a grief support group and stay in touch with you long after your loved one’s funeral is over. Call us at (956) 968-7533 to start making arrangements or stop by 900 W 4th St, Weslaco, TX 78596 to schedule a meeting with a funeral director. 

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